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Transmission received...

Hey, all of you with the Orange Box? You might wanna play through Portal again.

ETA: 'Nother new update today! The change is less obvious, but if you play clear to the end...

Team Fortress 2 holiday cards!

I realize it's a bit late now, but y'all have got to see these. :)

Episode 3 and Beyond, or, Okay, Now What?

I think we're getting toward the end of our improvised Episode 3. If possible, I'd like to have our heroes get access to Milliways again once they return to White Forest. Question is, what all do we need/want to happen before that?

The only specific thing I, personally, would like to see happen is some exposition about why City 08 is empty, which will lead into the revelation about the terraforming machines later on. How about you guys?

*dies of laughing*

Oh, my gosh, you guys. The wonderful (and sometimes scary) people over at TF2chan turned TF2 into a children's book. (Written by The Spy, no less.)

Then someone turned it into a video with voiceover.

It seriously killed me with laughter. Hope you enjoy!

[via Destructoid]
but there was recently a bit of a blow-up there when someone said 'the term African-American does not belong in any Harry Potter fic, ever, under any circumstances'. Mostly over the 'none of it, ever' aspect, since only a Sith deals in absolutes and nobody wants to deal with that particular crossover... but it did lead to a few places discussing terminology for situations like that.

One person asked what to call Scottish black people. They got what I think is the best possible answer.
Had a bit of a blinky moment on my way to the Five Boro Tour the other day; I passed a truck in Hoboken with huge red signage on the side announcing it to belong to Real Estate Development...

Wish I'd written down the domain name. Because it very clearly began with RED. One has to wonder.
A little expansion on the possible use of combat terraforming as part of the HL 3 plot. Comments/suggestions are welcome.

(12:05:08 AM) Camwyn: *begins drumming fingers on desk* Now i'm trying to picture what kind of mega-Synth they'd use for combat terraforming. They'd have to be smegging huge, of course. Possibly giant colony organisms permanently integrated with the technological control and direction matrices, and a level of gaseous exchange that makes the Amazon on a good day look like Los Angeles... only tuned to Combine needs, of course.
(12:05:46 AM) LeeshaJoi: *nod* Like leafcutter ants that cultivate fungus for food?
(12:06:02 AM) Camwyn: I don't think they can infect humans, necessarily, or even infect ecosystems; produce things that can outcompete the local lifeforms for resources fast, more like.
(12:06:19 AM) Camwyn: Yes, like that, combined with farm animals' tendencies to put out massive quantities of atmosphere-altering gas.
(12:06:56 AM) LeeshaJoi: ...
(12:07:04 AM) Camwyn: which gives our heroes the opportunity to undo the damage such things might have done, if the control matrices can be hacked and tweaked to produce balances more suitable to Terran life.
(12:07:22 AM) LeeshaJoi: *goes back to a canon thread and something she fabricated for Eli's explanation for Gordon*...
(12:07:40 AM) LeeshaJoi: "As for the rest of us... well, you saw the state of things in City 17. But it goes far beyond that. They're draining the oceans, controlling the weather, taking huge blocks of land for some purpose we couldn't begin to comprehend..."
(12:09:56 AM) Camwyn: Growing the bridge megasynths. The things can't be deployed instantly at the end of the Seven Hours War because in order to properly claim Earth they have to have something that's capable of at least digesting/processing local biomass. The evaluation period Breen put into place made it a win-win. If they got human synths, yay armies. If the humans weren't worth it, they let the megasynths out as soon as they're ready.
(12:11:04 AM) Camwyn: so they need all those resources from the oceans and on the land and whatnot in order to produce the local strain of megasynth. If they turn out not to be necessary... well, I'm sure they can still rework the planet a little to make themselves happy.
(12:11:47 AM) LeeshaJoi: ...I am loving this idea. :D
(12:12:41 AM) Camwyn: Sweet!
(12:13:40 AM) LeeshaJoi: I suspect there is not enough profanity in the universe to adequately express Shephard's reaction to seeing this thing for the first time.
(12:14:13 AM) Camwyn: Yeah, that's the point at which we fall back on a line from one of his threads with Chell: "Mark this day well. Adrian Shephard is too angry to swear."
(12:14:47 AM) LeeshaJoi: He will long for the days when he was fighting the... what was the name of the end boss in OpFor?
(12:14:53 AM) Camwyn: The Geneworm.
(12:16:14 AM) Camwyn: Really, I kind of want to see the look on Alyx's face when she realizes that he's still got that accent, but he's talking in language perfectly viable for network primetime television because he's too angry to swear. (Were he more of a nerd he would quote Tolkien at that point, but he's unfamiliar with the line I'm thinking of.)
(12:16:49 AM) LeeshaJoi: The "No words in Entish, Elvish, or the tongues of Man" thing?
(12:16:52 AM) Camwyn: yep.
(12:20:16 AM) Camwyn: I'm trying to get an actual vocal response out of him and I'm only getting, "Well. Looks like we have some work to do. Let's go." (PsiTunes, otoh, is playing "Sloop John B", aka the "I Wanna Go Home" song.)
(12:21:34 AM) LeeshaJoi: 'Course on top of everything else the site's gonna be swarming with Advisors...
(12:22:02 AM) Camwyn: Yeah, they're going to need to be dealt with.
(12:25:13 AM) Camwyn: the question then becomes, how does one interfere with that level of psychic activity.
(12:26:12 AM) LeeshaJoi: Well, I did suggest, in passing, that their nerve blaster thing would have no effect on a robot...
(12:26:31 AM) Camwyn: Right, that'd make sense.
(12:26:49 AM) LeeshaJoi: Miiight be time to upgrade D0G again. ;)
(12:27:40 AM) Camwyn: ... Adrian, he is not your robot, you do not get to ride him like some kind of epic war rhino.
(12:28:42 AM) LeeshaJoi: *snrfk* And that brings up an unlikely but entertaining idea I had a while back...
(12:31:17 AM) LeeshaJoi: It involved Alyx building an epically badass exoskeletal robot suit to drive into the heart of the Combine's installation on Earth. She has an action-movie-ish confrontation with Advisor!Breen, who ends up disabling the suit and cracking it open...
(12:32:07 AM) LeeshaJoi: Only to find that it's not, in fact, an exo-suit. Alyx has been piloting it remotely the whole time. Where the cockpit would be, there's a nuke set to detonate if the seal around it is breached.
(12:32:39 AM) Camwyn: *applauds*
(12:32:55 AM) LeeshaJoi: She's got an anger management problem, but she ain't STUPID.
(12:33:24 AM) Camwyn: Shep wants it noted that 'shit, man, I got issues with nukes but for that i'd be willin' to install the fuckin' thing for you. Tell me you got that on tape?"
(12:33:56 AM) LeeshaJoi: As I said, unlikely, but entertaining!
(12:35:10 AM) Camwyn: hee. True.
(12:36:02 AM) Camwyn: Although, given advisor!Breen's experience with crazy people in suits and how much danger they pose, it might almost be a better use of resources for him to crack it open, psychically rip out the payload... and find a note saying "I am distracting you."
(12:36:16 AM) Camwyn: with the real kablooie happening somewhere they weren't paying proper attention.
(12:37:01 AM) LeeshaJoi: Possibly!
(12:41:12 AM) LeeshaJoi: Also, now that I think about it, with their spooky psychic powers the Advisors would probably be able to tell there's no living person in the suit.
(12:41:20 AM) Camwyn: Yeah, true.
(12:41:35 AM) Camwyn: hadn't thoguht of that.
(12:43:20 AM) LeeshaJoi: Unless somebody does come up with a brain-shielding dingus like Teja suggested.
(12:44:27 AM) Camwyn: And if they did that, Shephard wants one so he can sneak in there and start some throat slittin' or whatever the hell it is you do when you sneak up behind an advisor for a critical knife hit. *sigh* Yes, dear, we get it. you react very, very badly to environmental destruction on top of standard military reaction. Calm down.
(12:45:13 AM) LeeshaJoi: ...and now I have the bewildering mental image of a squad of Resistance soldiers all clad in tinfoil hats. ^^;
(12:45:20 AM) Camwyn: If Combine Advisors had cats, this is what they'd be like. (http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/funny-pictures-telekinesis-cat-plays-with-his-food.jpg)
(12:47:35 AM) Camwyn: "... y'know, somehow I never figured there'd be tinfoil hats on the guy flyin' the fuckin' black helicopter."
(12:48:20 AM) LeeshaJoi: I suspect they'd be nicknamed 'tinfoil hats' regardless of what they actually look like or how they work.
(12:49:07 AM) Camwyn: Yeah, probably. Even if they were fullface helmets that looked like they belonged to Master Ch....... um. *eyes Gordon's helmet* Remind me to ask Danii if Hephaestos put any surprises into that thing when he worked it over for Gordon.
(12:51:20 AM) LeeshaJoi: If that's what he's using when he goes to the Combine Overworld, I sure hope there's some extra oomph in there.
(12:51:57 AM) Camwyn: Oh yeah. heph worked over Gordon's helmet so it'd be an appropriate substitute for the one that originally came with the HEV suit.
(1:00:42 AM) LeeshaJoi: Oh good. At least one person can go there without immediately keeling over.

Apr. 16th, 2009

I'll be putting up a Badwater Basin post in Medic's journal later on today. I've posted some rules in the Back Room, though. They're mostly the same as last time, but I added a few extra elements- mostly because Croup and Vandemar-mun made some comments a while back about 'ooh, sounds like their kind of fun, the only question is getting them to stop'. And frankly, TF2 is not a horror game or a realistic violence game. If people want to play in it, they deserve to play TF2, not Oh God I'm Going To Be Eaten Alive.